European Amateur Open 2024

The European Amateur Open is the premiere amateur event in Finland. The event presents every disc golfer an opportunity to test their skills against world-class courses mere days before the top pros compete for the PDGA Major champion title on the very same courses and greens.

The Amateur Open is an unforgettable 3-day disc golf experience, packed with disc golf goodness and great times shared with fellow disc golfers!

The 2024 edition of the European Amateur Open will be held on July 12-14 in Nokia, Tampere and Ylöjärvi.

The event grows with a fourth course and up to 672 players for 2024! Check this article for more info on the 2024 expansion of the European Amateur Open.

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General Info

Event dates: 12.-14. July, 2024. (Friday – Sunday)

Each participant will play a total of three 18-hole rounds, one round per day, with staggered starts between 8.00-15.00. (Tentative schedule)

European Amateur Open is a true amateur/trophy only event, with the exception that it’s also a qualifying event for the European Open 2024. The winners of the MA1 and FA1 division will earn a ticket to the PDGA Major event.

2024 European Amateur Open will be a PDGA B-tier event. PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf are followed in the event.

Schedule & Courses


Tentative schedule for the European Amateur Open 2024:

  • Wednesday, July 10th
    • All courses open for practice. Reserved for EAO and EO participants only.
    • 9.00-17.00 @ Nokia: Info open & player packages available.*
  • Thursday, July 11th
    • All courses open for practice. Reserved for EAO and EO participants only.
    • 9.00-17.00 @ Nokia: Info open & player packages available.*
  • Friday, July 12th
    • Round 1, staggered starts 8:00-15:00 / 7:30-16:00**
    • Round 1, MA3 staggered starts 9:00-11:50.
  • Saturday, July 13th
    • Round 2, staggered starts 8:00-15:00 / 7:30-16:00.**
    • Round 2, MA3 staggered starts 9:00-12:24. (12 minute intervals.)
  • Sunday, July 14th
    • Round 3, staggered starts 8:00-15:00 / 7:30-16:00.**
    • Round 3, MA3 staggered starts 9:00-11:50.
    • Prize ceremonies after each division has finished their round.

*Player packages available in advance from Nokia tournament center on Wednesday & Thursday 9.00-17.00. If a player doesn’t have a chance to pick their player package in advance, they can pick it up from the course where they play their first round. (Before or after the round.)

**8:00-15:00 when there are 10-minute intervals between groups. Applies to the Beast, Beauty and Moon Valley. Monster will be played with 12-minute intervals between groups. If a pool has more than 144 players, the first start of the day at the Monster will be at 7:30. Currently this will apply to all pools except pool D, which is the MA3 division.

Pool B starting times per division

DivisionBeauty (Fri)Beast (Sat)Monster (Sun)
*FA3 has only players, who will together with players from other divisions.


More info on the courses and the specific layouts played in the event will be published later, once the layouts are finalized.

The Beast, Beauty and Monster will feature temporary layouts that are not readily playable outside events. Out of these three the Monster is the most accessible outside the event. But the tournament layout is still heavily modified and the most demanding version of the Tampere Disc Golf Center, even though it follows the existing fairways of the permanent course. Moon Valley tournament layout is largely the same as the permanent layout but there are plans for some updates and changes to be introduced in the European Amateur Open as well.

MA1 division will play a separate layout of the Monster, the MPO layout of the European Open*, while all other divisions will play the European Open FPO layout of the Monster. At least Pool B, which includes all FA divisions, will play the FPO layout of the Beast as well.

*Almost the full MPO layout. Please refer to the Monster Caddie Book for the European Amateur Open for the exact course layouts.


All courses are reserved for Amateur Open participants for at least 2 days before the event. Note that most holes of the Moon Valley and many holes of the Monster are part of the permanent courses and basically always available for play. Some parts of the Beast and Beauty consist of permanent holes that are also always readily available for practice.

Playing Order – Courses per Pool

Check the divisions and pools further below for more info.

RoundBeastMonsterMoon ValleyBeauty
1 (Fri, 12.7.)Pool CPool APool DPool B
2 (Sat, 13.7.)Pool BPool DPool APool C
3 (Sun, 14.7.)Pool APool BPool CPool D

Playing Order by Pool:

  • Pool A (MA1): Monster, Moon Valley, Beast.
  • Pool B (FA1-3, FA40 & 50, MA40 & 50, MJ15: Beauty, Beast, Monster.
  • Pool C (MA2): Beast, Beauty, Moon Valley.
  • Pool D (MA3): Moon Valley, Monster, Beauty.

Divisions & Pools

The European Amateur Open expands to four courses and 672 players in 2024. There will be 4 pools, each with 168 players max. capacity.

Please note that the divisions quotas and pools below are tentative, offered at the beginning of registration. Spots may be reallocated to different divisions, even new divisions may be offered, and/or rating limits/requirements may be alleviated based on demand. However, no divisions will be transferred to different pools after the registration has begun. Divisions will not be split between separate pools. (Since different pools play different combination of courses.)

DivisionAm ratingPro ratingMax SpotsWild cardsPool
MJ15AnyAm only120B
Updated allocations for registration phase 3. (In effect for now.)

Registration & Entry Fees

Registration opens in the Disc Golf Scene on April 24th at 15.00 EEST. Find the European Amateur Open @ Disc Golf Scene here.

Registration phases and schedule:

  • Phase 1, April 24 – April 29: Initial quotas and division rating requirements in place. (See table above.)
  • Phase 2, April 29 – May 6: All division specific minimum rating requirements removed from amateur players. Some quotas reviewed and reallocated.
  • Phase 3, May 6 – July 8: Divisions and quotas reviewed. Changes: Pool B divisional quotas redistributed, FJ15 divisions no longer offered (no players registered), Wild cards issued for MA40 and MA50 waitlist players in order of registration.

The entry fee is 99€ (inc. VAT 24%), plus 3€ sanctioning fee, and Disc Golf Scene handling fee. Entry fee must be paid to complete your registration.

Check here for full info on Disc Golf Scene payment methods and other helpful info.

Each participant will receive a player pack with at least 99€ in value (MSRP). The player pack will include 2024 European Amateur Open goodies: at least 4 discs, bag tag, and a towel. (And more!)

A PDGA number is needed to register for the event, but the membership doesn’t have to be active when registering for the event. During the event all players must have a current PDGA membership and Finnish players must also be SFL members (includes a PDGA membership).

Being an amateur tournament there are divisional rating limits/requirements. Pros are welcome to register and play in the event, as per pros playing amateur rules. (PDGA Competition Manual 2.04) Check divisions & pools above for more info on rating limits and requirements.

A Disc Golf Scene account is not required to register for the event but we strongly recommend you to create one as it makes the registration process faster. Field, or at least some divisions/pools can fill up rather quickly.

Waiting List

When the event is full a waiting list is automatically created by the Disc Golf Scene. Spots/queue numbers will be automatically issued to players on the waiting list based on their registration timestamp. Each wait list registrant will have their own spot in the division specific queue.

If a player moves from the waiting list to get a spot in the event, the entry fee must be paid within one week of promotion. Starting from June 12th, the entry fee must be paid within one working day after a player is promoted from the wait list.

Wild Cards

There are 75* wild cards in form of reserved spots, spread across all divisions, at the start of the registration. The wild cards are granted at the discretion of the organizers. Wild card spot allocation ratio can be changed between divisions. Some of the wild cards are reserved for players transferring between divisions due to PDGA rating changes.

All wild card recipients must be register for the tournament on the Disc Golf Scene. Wild card recipients will be contacted personally.

Instructions for how to possibly apply for a wild card will be published later on.

*Update May 6th: Total of 60 wild cards remaining.

Withdrawals and Refunds

We follow the standard PDGA refund policy, as stated by the PDGA Competition Manual 1.03.

Walk-up entry is not offered. A separate waitlist fee will not be charged by the organizer, but the Disc Golf Scene may charge a handling fee for the waitlist registration.

All withdrawals must be made by contacting the tournament director directly, primarily by email ( No other way of withdrawal is accepted.


Q: Can I change my registration in the Disc Golf Scene after I’ve registered?
A: Yes, but only limited changes. E.g. you can update your contact info. But you can’t change your division.

Q: I want/need to change my division. What should I do?
A: Transfer requests must be made by email to Instructions for transfer requests:

  • Before you make your transfer request please check the status of the division you want to be transferred to. If that division is full, you’ll be placed on the waitlist for that division. You lose your spot in your original division.
  • Include your PDGA#, current divisions and new division in your request.
  • Also, state if you want to transfer even if you’d be placed on the waitlist of the new division.
    Transfer requests are handle on a first-come first-served basis.

Q: What if my rating changes after I’ve registered?
A: This happens all the time and that’s usually no problem at all. If your rating changes less than 2 weeks before the event, you may be able to play in the division you originally registered for. If your rating changes more than 2 weeks before the event you will be transferred to another division that you’re now eligible for. If you’re a pro status player you should always contact the TD if your rating changes so that you’re no longer eligible to play in the division you registered for.

In a rare case a pro status player may end up having a rating that exceeds the pros playing am criteria. In such a case they’re unfortunately ineligible to compete in the event.

More info on the PDGA website.

Also note that if your rating goes above the division you registered for, e.g. over 934 and you’re registered for MA2, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically removed from the competition. Most likely you’ll be transferred to the MA1 division, and there will be wild card spots reserved for the MA1 division for this particular purpose.

The rating limit listed above are for the initial first phase of the registration.

Q: What should I do if my rating changes?
A: Contact the TD by email, explain what has happened, and request for a transfer to another division. (

Q: My rating is XXX, which division should I register for?
A: Register for the division that you are eligible for based on your rating. Even if you expect it to change later. When/if your rating changes, you’ll be transferred to another division that you’re eligible to play in.

Q: When are the ratings updated?
A: The last PDGA ratings update dates before the event are June 11 and June 9. Check here for the PDGA rating update dates.

Contact Info

The European Amateur Open is organized by Spin18 Oy in cooperation with three local disc golf clubs and Discooter cooperative:

  • Nokian frisbeeseura ry, Nokia Disc Golf Club
  • Tampereen frisbeeseura ry, Tampere Disc Golf Club,
  • DGC Fat Discs ry,
  • Discooter Finland osk

Spin18 event team email:

Tournament Director
Jukka Teräs
+358 40 538 7464

Stay on top of the latest updates – follow the news here at the event website and in social media: Facebook & Instagram.