The 2024 European Open uses a tournament-based qualifying system. Players have a chance to earn an invitation to the European Open in qualifying tournaments played both in the USA and in Europe.

Qualification Info and Rules

Qualification for the European Open 2024 has been divided into seven categories:

  1. Previous European Open Champions
  2. Top 10 MPO and top 5 FPO players of 2023 European Open
  3. Top 20 MPO and top 10 FPO players of 2023 world rankings (UDisc, Oct 29th, 2023)
  4. Special invitations
  5. Qualifying tournaments (PDGA Majors, DGPT, DGPT Europe)
  6. European Amateur Open 2024 MA1 & FA1 champions
  7. Monday Qualifying event

Most spots are issued to the top 5 MPO players and the winner of the FPO division in the qualifying tournaments. If any of these players are already qualified, the spot will transfer to the next player in results.

In case of a tie for qualifying spot(s) in the qualifying events the qualifying player will be determined by the method(s) chosen by the Tournament Director of the qualifying event:

  • The player with the lowest score in the most recent round. (If necessary, the lowest score across all previous rounds.)
    • OR
  • Sudden-death play (PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events 1.09)
    • OR
  • A closest to the pin competition between the tied players

The chosen tie breaker method(s) and their priority must be announced before the event.

Also players with certain criteria are qualified to the 2024 European Open automatically. These players are past winners of the European Open tournaments, top 10 MPO players and top 5 FPO players of the 2023 European Open and Top 20 MPO and top 10 FPO players in the 2023 Udisc/PDGA year-end world rankings. Special invitations will be awarded to some international players regionally.

Each qualified player will be invited to register for the event. This invited players are required to register for the 2024 European Open within 30 days of earning a spot/receiving the invitation. If a player fails to register within the time limit, the player loses the possibility to play in the 2024 European Open. A player may only qualify once at the European Open qualifying events. Earned spots are not transferable

All qualified players are invited to register for the 2024 European Open. Registration for the 2024 European Open takes place at the Disc Golf Scene. (Open since Monday, February 26th, 2024 at 12:00 PM EET)

The European Open is a PDGA Major, therefore all competitors must have a current PDGA membership and must have passed the PDGA Official certification exam in order to compete.

Qualification Categories, Events and Spots per Division

List of qualified players can be found here.

1Previous European Open Champions65
22023 European Open Top 10 (MPO)100
22023 European Open Top-5 (FPO)05
3PDGA/UDisc World year-end Ranking 20232010
4Special Invitations (International)*84 Invitational (DGPT)51
5Waco Annual Charity Open (DGPT)51
5The Open at Austin (DGPT)51
5United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships (PDGA Major)01
5Texas State Championship (DGPT)51
5Jonesboro Open (DGPT)51
5Music City Open (DGPT)51
5Champions Cup (PDGA Major)51
5Dynamic Discs Open (DGPT)51
5Copenhagen Open (DGPT)51
5OTB Open (DGPT)51
5Portland Open (DGPT)51
5Beaver State Fling (DGPT)51
5Turku Open (DGPT)51
5The Preserve Championship (DGPT)51
5Swedish Open (DGPT)51
5Des Moines Challenge (DGPT)51
5Krokhol Open (DGPT)51
5Belgian Open (DGPT Europe Silver)51
5Norway Open (DGPT Europe Silver)51
5Heinola Open (DGPT Europe Silver)51
5Ale Open (DGPT Europe Silver)51
6European Amateur Open**11
7European Open Monday Qualifying51
Total qualifying spots15548

*Subject to change.
**Winners of MA1 and FA1 divisions.

List of qualified players can be found here.