Welcome to European Open

The iconic European Open will take place from the 18th to the 21th of July in Tampere and Nokia. European Open is one of four majors of 2024 (Worlds, Champions Cup, USDGC, European Open) in the world of professional disc golf.

“This is my favourite place to play”

Paul McBeth, 6-time World Champion

This year the European Open has a different kind of anticipation since the event expands to Tampere Disc Golf Center. Next year 2025, these courses will host the first PDGA Professional World Championships outside the North America.

Bigger than ever

European Open is the most prestigious disc golf event in Europe, and has a strict qualification system to earn a coveted spot at the event. Most spots are issued based on performance in one of the European Open 2024 qualifying events.

For most disc golfers the European Open has been unreachable for over a decade. European Amateur Open made its debut in 2017 and offered every disc golfer a much sought-after chance to test their mettle against the famed course (the Beast) in a tournament setting. The European Amateur Open makes another appearance on July 12-14, 2024, the weekend before the Major event.

That’s not all though! Over the years European Open has grown into a fully-fledged event that offers something for everyone; there’s street food, activities for families and kids, and a well stocked disc golf pro shop full of equipment from collectors’ rarities to beginners’ first discs.

Welcome to Nokia! See you in July!

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“This is the highlight of my year”

Niklas Anttila, the best Finnish disc golfer

Schedule and Courses

The event days are July 17-21. The Presidents Cup kicks off the event on Wednesday, July 17, and will be played at Nokia.

The European Open is played at a round-a-day pace from Thursday to Sunday, July 18-21. The singles event will be played on two courses: The Beast in Nokia and new Tampere Disc Golf Center.

Check here for the tentative week program for the European Open 2024.

  • Tampere Disc Golf Center, Soukonvuorentie 11, 33560 Tampere
  • Nokia DiscGolfPark, Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia

Read more about the courses here.


Tampere Disc Golf Center rounds will be ticketed, while Nokia rounds will have both free and ticketed options. See ticket options here.

Passionate amateur disc golfers can also test their skills on both tournament courses during the event week by attending separately organized Spectator Rounds. Tickets will become available later.


Be careful
Even the best players make mistakes. You should look out and keep an eye on the discs, especially when you’re close to the fairway.

Be mindful to others
Only use the marked paths and channels. Don’t go to people’s backyards. Watch out for cars when crossing roads. The course is set to a public park and there might be people who aren’t there for the disc golf event. Use rubbish bins.

Keep fairways clear
Don’t go on the fairways when players are playing the holes. Don’t move if you’re in a player’s field of vision when they are throwing or concentrating on their throw. Keep your devices on silent or turn them off, especially if you’re close to the players. Don’t use flash when you take photos. Follow the guidance of the staff on the course.

You’re welcome to ask for the players for their autographs but please do so after their rounds and they have turned in their scorecards. The best place is near the last scoring station, at the tournament center.