Qualified players receive a personal invitation to register for the event when they’ve qualified for the European Open.

European Open 2024 Registered Players

An updating list of players already registered for the competition can be found on the PDGA’s website.

European Open 2024 Qualified Players

Latest update: April 15th, 2024.

Mixed Pro Open (MPO)

David Feldberg1Previous EO Champion
Ken Climo1Previous EO Champion
Jesper Lundmark1Previous EO Champion
Paul McBeth1Previous EO Champion
Eagle McMahon1Previous EO Champion
Corey Ellis1Previous EO Champion
Corey Ellis2EO2023 Top 10
Kyle Klein 2EO2023 Top 10
Ezra Aderhold 2EO2023 Top 10
Eagle McMahon 2EO2023 Top 10
Calvin Heimburg 2EO2023 Top 10
Richard Wysocki 2EO2023 Top 10
Anthony Barela 2EO2023 Top 10
Benjamin Callaway 2EO2023 Top 10
Chris Dickerson 2EO2023 Top 10
Bradley Williams 2EO2023 Top 10
Eagle McMahon32023 World Rankings
Calvin Heimburg32023 World Rankings
Paul McBeth32023 World Rankings
Simon Lizotte32023 World Rankings
Ricky Wysocki32023 World Rankings
Kyle Klein32023 World Rankings
Gannon Buhr32023 World Rankings
Isaac Robinson32023 World Rankings
Matthew Orum32023 World Rankings
Bradley Williams32023 World Rankings
Aaron Gossage32023 World Rankings
Chris Dickerson32023 World Rankings
Cole Redalen32023 World Rankings
Niklas Anttila32023 World Rankings
Anthony Barela32023 World Rankings
James Proctor32023 World Rankings
Corey Ellis32023 World Rankings
Joel Freeman32023 World Rankings
Ezra Robinson32023 World Rankings
Alden Harris32023 World Rankings
Luke Bayne42023 Australian Champion
Manabu Kajiyama42024 Asia Open Champion
Jacky Chen4Highest rated Taiwanese player
Levi Stout4Best New Zealander player in 2024 NZ Championships
Gavin Rathbun5Chess.com Invitational
Jesse Nieminen5Chess.com Invitational
Joseph Anderson5Chess.com Invitational
Gavin Babcock5Chess.com Invitational
Väinö Mäkelä5Chess.com Invitational
Luke Humpries5Waco Annual Charity Open
Mason Ford5Waco Annual Charity Open
Gregg Barsby5Waco Annual Charity Open
Adam Hammes5Waco Annual Charity Open
Casey White5Waco Annual Charity Open
Andrew Marwede5The Open at Austin
Evan Smith5The Open at Austin
Jakub Semerád5The Open at Austin
Matt Bell5The Open at Austin
Andrew Presnell5The Open at Austin
Braeden Sides5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Nathan Queen5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Paul Ulibarri5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Jake Hebenheimer5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Randon Latta5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Albert Tamm5Jonesboro Open
Garrett Gurthie5Jonesboro Open
Ty Love5Jonesboro Open
Kevin Kiefer III5Jonesboro Open
James Conrad5Jonesboro Open

Female Pro Open (FPO)

Carrie Berlogar1Previous EO Champion
Valarie Jenkins1Previous EO Champion
Paige Pierce1Previous EO Champion
Catrina Allen1Previous EO Champion
Kristin Tattar1Previous EO Champion
Kristin Tattar2EO2023 Top 5
Heidi Laine2EO2023 Top 5
Catrina Allen2EO2023 Top 5
Missy Gannon2EO2023 Top 5
Sarah Hokom2EO2023 Top 5
Kristin Tattar32023 World Rankings
Ohn Scoggins32023 World Rankings
Holyn Handley32023 World Rankings
Hailey King32023 World Rankings
Missy Gannon32023 World Rankings
Henna Blomroos32023 World Rankings
Eveliina Salonen32023 World Rankings
Paige Pierce32023 World Rankings
Ella Hansen32023 World Rankings
Kat Mertsch32023 World Rankings
Rika Tsukamoto4Top rated Japanese player
Chia-Fang Chen42024 Asia Open Champion
Hayley Flintoft4Best New Zealander player in 2024 NZ Championships
Sarah Lee4Best Australian player in 2023 Australian Championships
Natalie Ryan5Chess.com Invitational
Lykke Lorentzen5Waco Annual Charity Open
Valerie Mandujano5The Open at Austin
Jordan Lynds5US Women’s Disc Golf Championship
Anniken Steen5Texas States Disc Golf Championships
Maria Oliva5Jonesboro Open

European Open 2024 Qualification Categories

  1. Previous European Open Champion
  2. Top 10 MPO and top 5 FPO players of 2023 European Open
  3. Top 20 MPO and top 10 FPO players of 2023 world rankings (Udisc, Oct 29th, 2023)
  4. Special invitations
  5. Qualifying tournaments (PDGA Majors, DGPT, DGPT Europe)
  6. European Amateur Open 2024 MA1 & FA1 champions
  7. Monday Qualifying event

Check here for full 2024 European Open qualifying info.