The Monday Qualifier is the last chance to earn a spot in the 2024 European Open. There are five MPO spots and one FPO available for the European Open through the one-round Monday Qualifier.

If you think that you got what it takes but you haven’t qualified for the European Open yet, we strongly recommend you to register for the Monday Qualifier. This is your chance to earn your right to compete in the PDGA Major!

Basic Info

Date: Monday, July 15th.
Location: The Beast, Nokia DiscGolfPark
Divisions: MPO (max. 148 players) and FPO (max. 16 players)
Entry fee: 50€ (+handling fees)

Each participant will play one round on the Beast at Nokia. The lowest 5 scores in the MPO division and the lowest score in the FPO division qualify for the 2024 European Open. Ties will be broken with sudden-death play on holes 16, 17 & 18.

The Monday Qualifier will be played with staggered starts. First start at 13.00, last at 16.48. The MPO division plays first and the FPO division will start last in the afternoon. Please note that this an updated/adjusted schedule for about 80 players.

Registration Schedule & Info

PhaseDatesMPO RatingFPO Rating
Phase 1June 20 – 271000900
Phase 2June 27 – July 4975875
Phase 3July 4 – 11950850
Each phase opens and closes at 18:00 EEST. (Finnish time)

Monday Qualifier registration @ Disc Golf Scene (CLOSED)

Additional Requirements

  • Monday Qualifier for the 2024 European Open is a PDGA sanctioned event. A current PDGA membership is required to participate in this event. Finnish players must also be current Finnish Disc Golf Association members.
  • Entry fee must be paid in full to complete the registration.
  • The minimum ratings to register for the event are 950 (MPO) and 850 (FPO). This applies to wild cards as well.
  • Players already qualified for the 2024 European Open are not allowed to participate. If such a player registers for the Monday Qualifier, they will be removed from the event and they’ll receive a full refund (50€). (Handling and/or transaction fees are non-refundable.)
  • If a player has registered for the Monday Qualifier and then qualifies for the 2024 European Open through another qualifying event, they will be removed from the event and they receive a full refund of the entry fee (50€). (Handling and/or transaction fees are non-refundable.)

Wild Cards

A total of seven wild cards are reserved for the event, five for the MPO division and two for the FPO division. The wild cards will be issued at the event organizer’s discretion. Wild card application instructions will be available at a later date, if necessary.


Apart from the 2024 European Open spots, there are no prizes available from this event.

The players who qualify for the European Open must register for the event by Tuesday, July 16th, 12:00 EEST. Registrants must pass the PDGA Officials Exam prior to Thursday’s 1st round of the European Open.


The course layouts will be the same as the layouts for the 2024 European Open. MPO division plays the MPO layout of the Beast and the FPO division plays the FPO layout. Check here for caddie book and other course info. Make sure that you play from the correct tees on holes 2, 3, 11 and 17.

General Info

There’s no player meeting. All info is available online.

PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf are followed in the Monday Qualifier.

Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. Smoking is prohibited starting from when a player enters the 1st tee area 10 minutes prior to his tee time until he returns his/her scorecard.

Tee Times, Groups & Scorekeeping

Tee times and groups available on the PDGA event page.

All groups start their round from the 1st tee. Tee times every 12 minutes. All players must arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes before their tee time.

Tournament uses PDGA Live as the primary scoring method. (, iOS and Android apps available as well.) Quadruple scoring, which means that every player in the group keeps score for the whole group on their personal device. Paper scorecards available upon request.

As the Monday Qualifier is sanctioned by the Finnish Disc Golf Association, Disc Golf Metrix must be used as well:

  • One player from the group records the scores in the Metrix, the others in PDGA Live. (A Finnish or at last a European player, enter scores in the Metrix, presumably.)
  • Each player records the score of every player in the group for each hole on their own scorecard.
  • At the end of the round, players check and confirm/sign the scores in the system they used to record them. This becomes the official scorecard for that player.
  • Each player is responsible for their own personal score. If it is recorded incorrectly, a penalty will be given.

Group as a whole must verify their scorecards after their round. Starter will check that the PDGA live is working for the group before the round.

Tie Breakers

1st place and qualifying spot ties will be resolved with sudden death play-offs on holes 16, 17 & 18. (Played in a loop, if necessary.) Players are required to stay on site for the possible play-offs.

Tournament Officials

Tournament Director: Jukka Teräs, #53382, +358 40 538 7464

Official: Juhani Tavi, #122259