See the course maps and hole maps of the Beast for the 2024 European Open with hole specific rules.

MPO LayoutFPO Layout

The Beast Course Notes for the European Open 2024 (Nokia DiscGolfPark)

  • Course address: Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia. (Nokia indoor ice rink / Nokian jäähalli)
  • Player parking on the gravel field on event days (July 17, 20 and 21). On Monday and Tuesday (July 15 – 16) players can park on the main parking lot. (VIP parking in the map.)
  • Starter’s station at the 1st tee. Remember to visit the scoring station at the end of the round to verify your scores. Also, remember that you must check in at the starter’s station 5 minutes before your tee time for each round! (PDGA Competition Manual 1.04 B)
  • Only use marked crossings to cross the roads when transferring between holes.
  • The primary OB line is the white paint on the ground, where available. If there’s no paint, eg. paint has worn off or OB is in the rough, use the OB poles. Primarily the OB poles are just a visual aid. See the hole maps and/or hole infos on the PDGA scoring app for detailed OB instructions.
  • Water available at the tournament center and next to the toilets around the course.
  • Warming up on tournament days (July 17, 20-21) in the main field (track & field stadium). On practice days, please warm up in the field next to hole 16. Please don’t move the baskets and only throw in the guided direction. Watch out for players on hole 16 on your warm up drives.
  • Sudden death play-off holes: 16, 17 & 18. (Played in a loop if necessary.)
  • Lost & found (including discs) at the tournament office. Note that we have not organized retrieval for lost discs from the ponds.
  • Relief area on hole 12, behind the hole 13 tee.
  • Hole 9: The MultiGolf hole and its green metal lip is a relief area. If your disc is completely within this area, mark your lie as if your disc is in OB and drop in your last putt. You get no penalty though. (This is purely out of convenience, as otherwise players would have to duck below the basket to mark their lie and then pick their marker again after holing out.)
  • Hay bales are the OB line on the front edge of the island green on hole 16. If you’re inside the bales you’re in. The same goes for the hay bales on the hole 10. A disc on top of the hay bales is out of bounds.

MPO Layout of the Beast (Open division)

FPO Layout of the Beast (Women’s Open division)