Amateur Open 2024 Registration Info
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European Amateur Open 2024 registration kicked off yesterday. Some divisions filled up quite quickly and some registrants on the waitlist are wondering what will happen, while some who haven’t yet registered might still be considering whether they should secure their spot in the event. Some registrants have also requested to be transferred between divisions. We decided to address the situation at an expedited schedule.

Immediate Change: Division Transfers

Registrants can transfer between divisions without minimum rating requirements. E.g. an MA3 division registrant can request a transfer to MA2 or MA1 division, or any other division they’d normally be allowed to participate. Normal PDGA rating limitations apply.

Instructions for transfer requests:

  • Transfer requests must be made by email to
  • Include your PDGA#, current divisions and new division in your request.
  • Also, state if you want to transfer even if you’d be placed on the waitlist of the new division.
  • Transfer requests are handle on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Before you make your transfer request please check the status of the division you want to be transferred to. If that division is full, you’ll be placed on the waitlist for that division. You lose your spot in your original division.
  • Division transfer requests made by Monday, April 29th, 12:00 EEST will be carried out by 15:00 on the same day. (At the latest. Please note that we don’t handle requests during the weekend.)

Phase 2 Updates & Changes

Changes taking effect on Monday, April 29th, 15:00 EEST:

  • Minimum rating requirements for amateur players removed from all divisions.
  • Some divisional quotas reallocated. FA divisions’ leftover quotas are primarily reallocated to other, more popular FA divisions.