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Course maps have been published – this is the biggest change
Presidents Cup Captains
Captains have made their decisions – teams for Presidents Cup 2024

General Player Info

All info for the event is available on the event website and in this article. The event website is also the official info channel for the event. All updates will be sent sent to the participants by email and added in this article, or on the course specific infos. (Caddie books.) We recommend you to check your junk mail folder every now and then – just in case.

There’s no player meeting. All info is available online.

PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf are followed in the European Amateur Open.

Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. Smoking is prohibited starting from when a player enters the 1st tee area 10 minutes prior to his tee time until he returns his/her scorecard.

In case of an unclear situation during the round, play provisional throw and contact the course TD immediately after the round.

First aid station is located at the 1st tee of each course, except at Nokia, where first aid station is the info. In case of emergency, contact 112 by phone.

Course specific infos, including the Course TD’s and their contact infos, can be found on the course specific pages.

Onsite Registration and DNFs

All players must register onsite 10 mins before their first round. (Or once the 1st tee area has been vacated by the previous group.)

If you DNF the in the middle of the round, remember to inform the course TD before you leave the course.

If you DNF between rounds, remember to inform TD of the tournament asap, at latest 30 mins before your starting time.

Also note the PDGA rules update for 2024: You must check in at the starter’s station 5 minutes before your tee time for each round. (PDGA Competition Manual 1.04 B) If you are late, you’ll receive 2 penalty throws.

Tee Times, Groups & Scorekeeping

Tee times and groups are published on the PDGA event page. Round 1 preliminary tee times will be available by Wednesday, July 10th, and round 2 & 3 tee times will be available after previous rounds have ended.

All groups start their round from the 1st tee. Tee times every 10 minutes (or 12 minutes at the Monster) starting from 7.30/8.00/9.00. (More info on schedules here.) All players must arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes before their tee time.

Tournament uses PDGA Live as the primary scoring method. (, iOS and Android apps available as well.) Quadruple scoring, which means that every player in the group keeps score for the whole group on their personal device.

Update on keeping scores for the 2nd and 3rd round:

  • One player from the group records the scores in the Metrix, the others in PDGA Live.
  • Each player records the score of every player in the group for each hole on their own scorecard.
  • At the end of the round, players check and confirm/sign the scores in the system they used to record them. This becomes the official scorecard for that player.
  • Each player is responsible for their own personal score. If it is recorded incorrectly, a penalty will be given.

Group as a whole must verify their scorecards after their round. Starter will check that the PDGA live is working for the group before the round.

1st round groups are generated randomly. 2nd and 3rd round groups will be formed in score order. Players with the lowest scores start last.

Courses & Layouts, Practicing, Warm up, Parking

Check the individual course pages for course specific infos, including availability, parking, warm up areas, and division specific layouts.

Practicing on courses is forbidden during the tournament, starting from Fri, July 12th, 7.20 am. (Please note that European Open PDGA Major participants are allowed to practice on The Beast and the Monster after EAO tournament rounds.)

Tie Breakers

1st place ties will be resolved with sudden death play-offs. Course specific play-off holes listed in the course infos.

Course Notices

Some new notices on courses:

  • Monster: Relief areas, marked with blue poles, on holes 6, 12, 13 and 15. Play as regular OB, but don’t add a penalty throw to your score. Also, watch out for wasps nest on hole 2. (Taken care of on Thursday.)
  • Beast: Wasps nest behind hole 13 tee. Relief area, marked with red & yellow band.

Tournament Officials:

  • Tournament Director: Jukka Teräs, #53382, +358 40 538 7464
  • Course TD, Beast: Juho Järvinen, #69766, +358 50 593 6603
  • Course TD, Beauty: Jani Saukko, #53384, +358 44 333 0306
  • Course TD, Monster: Jali Honkanen, #111041, +358 40 593 2268
  • Course TD, Moon Valley, Janne Salonen, #252703, +358 40 182 2061
  • Officials, Beast: Juhani Tavi, #122259
  • Officials, Beauty: Henna Saukko (#53383), Matias Puikkonen (#73058), Samu Åström (#73743)