Presidents Cup 2024 Qualifying
Europen open spectator rounds
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Here are the core line-ups of the Presidents Cup 2024 teams! Most players qualified based on the June 5th, 2024, Official Disc Golf World Rankings provided by the PDGA, while both captains were invited to represent their teams at Nokia on Wednesday, July 17th.

Team EuropeTeam USA
Seppo Paju (C)Paul Ulibarri (C)
Kristin TattarOhn Scoggins
Eveliina SalonenMissy Gannon
Simon LizotteCalvin Heimburg
Niklas AnttilaGannon Buhr
Väinö MäkeläRichard Wysocki
Jakub SemerádEagle McMahon
Fan Vote Player (MPO) TBDFan Vote Player (MPO) TBD
Captain’s Choice (MPO) TBDCaptain’s Choice (MPO) TBD
Reserve Player (FPO) TBAReserve Player (FPO) TBA
Reserve Player (MPO) TBAReserve Player (MPO) TBA

It’s worth to note that these are tentative teams based on the world rankings. Some of the players have yet to confirm their participation and rosters are likely to change slightly. But we expect to see most of the players listed above at Nokia in July!

Next up in Presidents Cup 2024 qualifying is the fan vote, which begins on June 19th. Stay tuned!

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