2024 Monday Qualifier
Presidents Cup 2024 Fan Vote Results

Who would you like to see playing for Team USA and Team Europe? Now’s your chance to have your say in who will be playing in the Presidents Cup 2024!

Five fan vote candidates for each team have been selected based on the Official Disc Golf World Rankings. (pdga.com, June 12th, 2024)

Team EuropeTeam USA
Joona HeinänenKyle Klein
Albert TammChris Dickerson
Jesse NieminenPaul McBeth
Linus CarlssonMatthew Orum
Lauri LehtinenIsaac Robinson

Vote for the players that you’d like to see representing their continent’s team at Nokia on July 17th. Voting ends on June 30th.


Check here for more info on the Presidents Cup 2024, including the teams.