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The Wolf

The WolfThe second European Open 2013 fundraiser disc, the C-line TD2 was picked to be the Wolf, since it is also very sneaky and quick in it’s moves.

Wolves are cunning creatures of the night, which live and hunt in packs. The signature eerie midnight howl is the pack leader’s call for hunt. Wolf is an extremely tough and fast animal, and unyielding hunter.

The Disc

The Discmania TD2 – Fever is best suited for anyone seeking to get more distance with less effort. It is a substantially understable driver with great glide. The TD2 is an optimal choice for a distance driver for players who throw less than 90 meters.

The TD2 is by far the most understable disc in the Discmania line-up with it’s high speed turn value of -4. Packed with a great glide, this disc is easy to throw far with a little effort. Awesome for rollers and long turning shots for intermediate to pro player.

This fundraiser release is the very first time the TD2 is available in C-line material, and will likely only increase its value in the future.

The Wolf stamp was designed by Disc Golf artist Skeet Scienski.

Where to buy?

US retailer:
Hero Disc USA

European retailer:
InnovaStore – Finland
InnovaStore – Sweden

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