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Fundraiser Discs

The European Open 2013 fundraiser discs will be an ode to the tournament’s home country, Finland. Finland is renowned for its wilderness – abundance of rugged forests and thousands of lakes. The fundraiser discs are themed after the great carnivores inhabiting the woods of Finland: bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. In addition to these, we’ll be releasing a special one featuring sable, which is the emblem animal of Nokia. This is our way of showing gratitude to the city that has offered a great stage for finest disc golf in the world for many years.

All fundraiser discs will have limited availability and the prints are handwork of the renown disc golf artist Skeet Scienski. By purchasing an EO2013 fundraiser disc you are supporting the event and European Disc Golf as a whole.

EO2013 Fundraiser discs

Glow C-line PD - "The Bear" C-line TD2 - "The Wolf" Glow C-line MD3 - "The Wolverine" TBA - "The Lynx" TBA - "The Sabel"

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