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Qualifying information

Qualification standards

• All current, dues-paid members of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) are eligible to compete in the 2013 European Open. A current PDGA membership is required at the time of registration.
• A passed PDGA officials exam is also mandatory for all players.
• Tournament has two divisions: MPO and FPO.
• Minimum rating for MPO is 925 and for FPO 800. Organizers can give exemptions.
• Tournament field is limited to 168 players.

Registration will open 1st of February and players are accepted into the tournament with following criteria:

a) Registration by phases

• The rating at the time of registration is used to determine eligibility.
• Players are eligible to participate in the tournament and register for it as follows:

Phase 1 – closed

Opens February 1st.

MPO with rating 975 and higher
FPO with rating 900 and higher

Phase 2 – closed

Opens March 1st.

MPO with rating 950 and higher
FPO with rating 850 and higher

• If the tournament field fills up in registration phase 2, a waiting list will be established. In this scenario, the players that have already registered before the field has filled up will keep their spot regardless of their rating. The players on the waiting list however, will be ranked based on their rating at the time of registration and not by registration date.

Phase 3 – closed

Opens April 1st.

MPO with rating 925 and higher
FPO with rating 800 and higher

The phase 3 ends on April 30th.

• In Phase 3, the available spots will be given in rating order. All eligible players may register and they are placed on the waiting list. Once the Phase 3 has closed, we will notify the players that have gained a spot by e-mail on May 1st. These players will have to confirm their spot by paying the entry fee by May 15th, 2013.

• In case there are two or more registered players with the same rating but there aren’t as many available spots left, the time of registration determines which of them get the available spot(s).

• If there are available spots left after the phase 3 payments should have arrived, the available spots will be given to players in the waiting list, starting with the player with the highest rating. See Entry fees page for more information.

• A waiting list will be established before Phase 3 if the tournament is full.

b) Reserved spots

Rating requirements apply to reserved spots. Eg. US players with rating 950-974 are eligible to register when phase 2 has opened but not before that.

1. US players (20) – released

There is a special 20 player minimum quota reserved to US players in European Open. This quota is open until April 30th. This quota will be filled as follows:

1) PDGA Touring card holder registers by April 1st, 2013.
2) First registered, first paid -basis.

2. Japan players (5) – released

There is a special 5 player minimum quota in European Open, reserved to Japan players. Representatives are chosen by The Japan Players Disc Golf Association (JPDGA). This quota is open until April 30th.

3. FPO players (8) – released

There is a 8 player minimum quota reserved to FPO players. This quota is open until April 30th.

4. Wild Cards (10) – assigned

All Wild cards have been assigned. Tournament organizer selected the Wild card receivers based on their playing record and/or their contribution to the game.

c) Qualifying tournament (5): European Open – The Qualifier

Five (5) qualifying spots were granted to players with the best overall scores in the European Open – The Qualifier.

The Qualifier will was held at Nokia DiscGolfPark on July 6th. The tournament consisted of two rounds with a shotgun start. The course layout was the same as in the European Open, the Beast.

The Qualifier’s tournament field was 72 players and we will reserve a 10 spot foreign player quota and five (5) wild cards for the tournament.

More information about The Qualifier.

The Qualifier results on the PDGA website.