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The most expensive new golf disc sold on Sunday


The exclusive European Open 2015 Collector Disc, Champion VRoc3, was released in the USA last week. While most of the discs sold like wildfire at the Discmania Store the hottest topic were the gems of the collection: the ten Flawless Crystals put up for auction on eBay from January 20th to 25th. This 1 to 10 numbered collection of Flawlessly Clear VRoc3s included an exclusive stamp design with glistening ghost foil.

Design itself has a interesting history: the coat of arms of Finland is a crowned lion, the right foreleg replaced with an armoured hand brandishing a sword, trampling on a sabre with the hindpaws. The coat of arms was originally created around the year 1580. This new design was recreated by famous disc art artist Skeet Scienski.

The #1 disc of the 2015 European Open Innova VRoc3 Flawless Crystals Collection sold for astounding US $1,325 (c. 1178 EUR), making it the most expensive new golf disc ever sold. Read more

Innova Champion Discs – Presenting sponsor of European Open 2015


We’re delighted to welcome Innova Discs onboard as the presenting sponsor of the European Open 2015! This is the 6th consecutive time that we have the privilege to partner with Innova in organizing the PDGA Major event.

This one will go to the history books as a special occasion though. Innova honored the event by providing an exclusive European Open collector disc, The Champion VRoc3, in celebration of the long lasting partnership. Any event would be proud of having an exclusive collector disc – let alone a Roc!

We couldn’t imagine a better supporter for the great event than the forerunner of modern disc golf. The event organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank Innova Discs for all the support given through the years.

Introducing the VROC3 – Exclusive EO2015 fundraiser collection


Since the inception of the European Open in 2006, Innova Discs has been the biggest supporter of this fine event, offering their tools and expertise to put together a series of unforgettable PDGA Major events. A big part of this support has always been fundraising thru exclusive European Open discs. Over the years, the EO fundraiser discs have become hot topics among disc collectors and we strongly believe the 2015 edition fundraiser series will be no exception. Read more

This is European Open 2015

EO2015-infographics_PART_1_article Read more